Country: Polska / UK


Laser teeth whitening

The procedure is done with the use of a safe organic gel and a special halogen accelerator. The brightening gel is placed on the teeth and then the accelerator is used. This is repeated up to 3 times, for 15 minutes during one visit. During the procedure the high frequency blue light activates the organic whitening gel. The accelerator emits highly advanced blue light with the wave length from 480 to 520 nanometres. The light is filtered through 12 thousand fibres of a total wave length of over 1,6 kilometres, as well as through a special optical system, which eliminates the harmful infrared and ultraviolet light. This light is the so called „cold light“, which has a great impact on the safety and results if the procedure. One session, that is a triple application of the gel for 15 minutes, enables the removal of discoloration that had built up over several years. This method is mostly recommended for people who smoke, drink a lot of coffee, tea, coca cola, wine and other strongly teeth-staining substances.

The immediate whitening effect lasts from 6 months to 2 years!


Halogen accelerator technology

  • The most advanced filtering system from all those available on the market which is not only safe. It is also ensures comfort and the safety of a patient.
  • The warmth and the dangerous ultraviolet light are filtered by optical glass and a the 1 200 optical fibers.
  • A 150W halogen lightbulb emits very strong blue light (wavelength from 480 to 520 nanometers) as to get results quicker.
  • The lower temperature emitted by similar devices, increases the patients comfort and reduce the possibility of teeth sensitivity.