About us

White & Beauty is a dynamically developing company that specializes in teeth whitening. We have several clinics in all bigger Polish towns.

The development of our company, recognition and the experience that we gained in the United States while working with the best pioneers of safe teeth whitening, made it possible for us the be the leaders in our field in Poland.

Effective teeth whitening – get that „Hollywood smile” with White & Beauty. This term was coined in the United States – it was there that many stars decided to get a teeth whitening treatment which was then nicknamed a „Hollywood smile”.

Only with White & Beauty, now also available in Poland.

Our practice has its roots in the United States. It is there that a safe method of improving the appearance of teeth was developed and patented. We work with providers from the United States who supply us with lamps used during the procedures, which allows us to provide services of the highest quality and enables us to be the leader in our field

We are proud to say, that during the years that we have been present on the Polish market, we have served over 10 000 satisfied customers. The quality of our services has been awarded many times. One of these awards is Znak Jakości Groupon, and award given to companies, who have received over 95% of positive feedback messages from customers.

Teeth discoloration is a natural process and affects us all. Our diet, coffee, tea, wine or cigarettes have a big impact on the change of the colour of our teeth. Even when leading the most perfect lifestyle we are prone to teeth discoloration.

How to remove teeth discoloration?

  • Our treatment enables you to whiten your teeth up to 14 shades!
  • Results are visible after the first visit
  • Our clients once again have something to smile about
  • The procedure is safe and absolutely painless
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